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What is Vastushastra?

Vastushastra is a great ancient science that depends upon electromagnetic waves received from other planets, the environment, and the solar system at large.

It aims to integrate architecture with nature for achieving progress and harmony in human life.

History and Origins

Like many age-old Indian domains of knowledge, Vastushastra too dates back to pre-historic times. Sage Garga passed on the knowledge of Vastushastra to Sage Parashar, who shared it with his disciple Bruhadrastha, who eventually gifted it to Vishwakarma.

Vishwakarma, who is a grandson of Lord Brahma, is credited with popularizing the knowledge and putting it to practical use. He is known to have been the master architect of various iconic cities and townships in ancient times.

Samarangansootradhar, Manushyalay-Chandrika, Rajavallabham Roopamandam Vastu Vidya, Shilparatnam Vastu Vidya are some of the several ancient texts that encapsulate the rich knowledge of Vastushastra.

Basic Concepts

  • One of the most valued gifts of the Vedas is the finding that the universe is made up of five elements viz earth, fire, water, air, and space. At the same time, our body cells too are made up of these five elements, which are called the Panchmahabhootas.
  • The home where we live (Vastu) is the connector between the human body and Mother Nature. When the Vastu is balanced, it creates harmony between the nature outside and the human body living inside. It is a state of equilibrium that brings progress and peace.
  • But when the vastu is imbalanced, it creates conflict between nature and the body, leading to financial loss, disease, unstable relationships, unhappy marriages, etc.

Give More Thought to Your Plot!

  • Every building is constructed on an open plot. Hence the building that stands on that plot carries forward the positive and negative qualities of the original plot.
  • For e.g., rectangular or square shaped plots help in speedy financial growth, bring happiness, and promote harmony amongst the family members. On the other hand, oval or circular shapes are not advisable, as they restrict financial growth, disturb family peace, and lead to severe health issues.
  • Apart from the shape and size of the plot, many other parameters must be considered before actually starting the construction. These include the plot orientation, slope, surrounding topography, positioning of water elements, etc.

Don’t Skip Bhoomipoojan and Shilanyas…

Before actually commencing construction on a plot, it is important to first put up the compound wall. This activity evokes the Brahmatattva, creating an invisible protective energy shield around the plot.

The next step is to appease the Bhoomata (Mother Earth) and seek her divine blessing by performing Bhoomipoojan. Shilanyas is the final ritual in the pre-construction phase, which is a symbolic activity that paves the way for constructing the building.

Both the Bhoomipoojan and Shilanyas are to be performed on the right muhurat or auspicious time.