Pandit Shivkumarshhri

About Panditji

Pandit Shivkumarshhri is a globally acclaimed Astrologist and Vastu expert, trusted for his result-focused solutions.

He is inspired by the scientific knowledge enshrined in our Vedic literature. And he aspires to take this wisdom to the global stage.

An engineer by qualification, Panditji had carved out a successful career as Maintenance In-charge for an automatic robotic production line in a world famous, limited company. Quitting his stable and permanent job, he committed himself to the pursuit of Vedic studies.

A Rich Spiritual Legacy

Panditji is a descendent of the royal family of Srishailya, which is ranked among the sacred Twelve Jyotirlingas. His ancestors have been engaged in spiritual practices since the 14th century. Carrying forward this legacy, Panditji has studied the shastras for the benefit of society.

Combining his technical skills with his Vedic knowledge, Panditji has come up with Vastu products for treating ‘diseased homes’.

Panditji has helped thousands of individuals with their career growth, financial prosperity, matrimonial problems, and health issues. Serving the corporate world as well, Panditji has helped diverse industries achieve their business goals, improve revenue, and increase profits.


To bring health, peace, and prosperity to everyone in society by applying the scientific principles enshrined in Astrology and Vastushastra.

Awards and Recognition

Remove Vastu Doshas without Destruction by Using Registered and Copyrighted ‘24 Vastu Products’ Powered by the Gayatri Mantra

Backed by pioneering research, Panditji has created a signature collection of 24 Vastu products. All these innovative Vastu products are Registered, Copyrighted and Patent-applied; made from premium quality wood of deodar trees, they are scientifically validated by Aura Bio-field Analysis for positive results.

Easily Find the Vastu Score of Your Home with ‘Vastu Pandit 124 Free App’

Panditji’s ‘Vastu Pandit 124 Free App’ is a thoughtfully designed user-friendly tool for analyzing Vastu compatibility of homes, which instantly displays the Vastu score of your home. It can be used to identify Vastu defects and neutralize them by securely ordering appropriate Vastu products online.

Panditji Master Planner for Multiple Industries

Agriculture, Automotive, Dairy, Education, Event Management, Floriculture, Food Processing, General Engineering, Healthcare, Horticulture, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Poultry, Power Co-generation Plants, Real Estate, Sugar Mills, and Travel & Tourism, among others.