Traditional Guna Milan is Inaccurate and Risky
Find the Right Life Partner through Accurate Bride-Groom Compatibility with Panditji’s Non-Conventional Approach


Marriage is a major milestone in the journey of life. It marks the beginning of a new phase filled with excitement and delight. At the same time, it brings several new responsibilities and challenges. To enjoy a fairly happy married life, it is crucial to find the right life partner.

Why So Many Marriages Are Not So Successful..?

Reason: Traditional Guna Milan is Inaccurate and Risky

When fixing up a marriage, the traditional practice is to check the compatibility of the bride and groom by using the panchang (almanac). Usually the priest or astrologer checks both the horoscopes and comes up with the merit points.  This approach of deciding the compatibility through Guna Milan is fundamentally flawed as it does not reveal anything about the personal qualities and nature of the would-be life partner.

Common questions about the prospective wife:

Common questions about the prospective husband:

Proposing a matrimonial alliance based on the concept of Guna Milan is risky. Such a marriage may be filled with unhappiness and frustration. In extreme cases, it may lead to divorce or even court cases with life-long impact.

Going beyond Guna Milan: Panditji’s Distinctive Approach to Successful Matchmaking

Backed by 27 years of studying and analyzing horoscopes, Panditji has the capability to guide you accurately in all your matrimonial challenges.

He goes a step ahead of doing simple Guna Milan by referring the almanac. On the contrary, he studies the horoscopes of both partners and analyzes the planetary positions. Based on this exercise, he offers his expert opinion on whether the proposed marriage would be successful or not.

Key Points of Advice Regarding Matchmaking

In Panditji’s knowledgeable opinion, the following points should be kept in mind:

Solutions for Removing Kundali Doshas

Everyone desires to have a good, compatible soulmate and wishes to lead a happy married life. However, the ground reality is often different.

Despite intense and consistent efforts by parents and the desiring candidates themselves, a large number of boys and girls don’t find their life partner. In some cases, the matrimonial alliance breaks up even before the actually marriage takes place.

It’s essentially the Kundali Doshas that act as roadblocks on the path to matrimonial success. After studying the personal horoscope, Panditji can suggest the appropriate solution:

Thousands of customers who have consulted Panditji, followed his advice, and accepted his spiritual remedies are today leading a happy married life.

Role of Vastu in Matrimonial Success

Kundali Doshas are the primary obstructions in matrimonial alliances. Similarly, there could also be Vastu Doshas that may delay a person’s marriage.

Case Study

A wealthy and well-settled couple wished to have a child after many years of marriage. They already had a grown-up girl, who was studying in her last year of engineering. The husband (45) had hypertension and suffered from hyperglycemia (high blood sugar level). The wife (39) too had hypertension. Despite all their attempts, including IVF, they didn’t get any success.

After consulting Panditji and following his advice, the couple was successful; the lady delivered twin boys after one year and the couple is extremely happy and satisfied.