Vastu Clinic

Vastu Clinic

World’s First ‘Vastu Clinic’ Opens Doors!
How ‘Sick’ Is Your Home?
Avail Expert Consulting and Use Proven Vastu Products to Nullify Vastu Dosha

As Panditji’s reputation as a problem solver grows by the day, people in increasing numbers are seeking his result-oriented advice for overcoming their challenges.

However, those customers who live in distant geographic regions may find it practically difficult to meet Panditji personally. To make it easier for customers to get easy access to his expertise, Panditji has come up with the idea of ‘Vastu Clinic’.

Vastu Clinic is an innovative concept that aims to widen the reach of Panditji’s pathbreaking work in the field of Vastushastra. Every Vastu Clinic is an authorized center for Vastu consultation; it is a dedicated space where a qualified ‘Vastu Vaidya’ will examine the layout of your plot/building/house. After in-depth analysis of the plan, they will suggest remedial action in the form of appropriate Vastu products for nullifying the defects.

The concept of Vastu Clinic is picking up fast, with Centers appearing in different parts of Pune and plans to cover Maharashtra soon through a franchise model.

Key Highlights

Conveniently located centers for Vastu consultation

Each center is headed by a qualified and well-trained Vastu Vaidya

In-depth analysis of the layout of your home (bungalow or apartment)

Practically simple remedies for neutralizing Vastu Doshas

Sale of Certified and Copyrighted Vastu Products for achieving peace, prosperity, and good health

Detailed instructions on appropriate placement and care of the various Vastu products