Leverage Your Lucky Numbers to Your Benefit
Be More Successful in Business and Life


Numerology is the study of the importance and impact of numbers in human life. Each alphabet from A to Z is associated with a specific number or value that corresponds to a certain energy vibration. However, numbers that relate to your name and birth date are considered to bring you more good fortune.

Basic Concept

Suppose a person’s DOB is 24.02.1977. The number obtained by adding the two first digits ‘2’ and ‘4’ i.e. ‘6’ is that person’s lucky number. All numbers in multiples of ‘6’ are also lucky numbers, whereas the friend numbers for 6 viz ‘3’ and ‘9’ are again lucky numbers for that particular individual.

Don’t Fall into the Trap: Common Misconceptions

Though Numerology is a proven technique that can be useful to us in certain situations, too much reliance on it is not advisable. Most common people think Numerology is a solution for all problems in life. To help people avoid falling into the trap or being misguided, Panditji offers some precious advice.

You must avoid being influenced by these common misconceptions:

  • Changing your signature will bring you prosperity
  • Changing your bank account number will multiply your wealth
  • Changing your vehicle’s registration number will ensure your safety
  • Changing your name in a certain way will strengthen your relationships and enrich your love life

Practical Applications of Numerology

  • Numerology is best suited for non-living entities
  • If you are setting up a new store or launching a new brand, it is advisable to coin the business name as per Numerological concepts
  • Matching the name of the enterprise with your numerical vibration will facilitate business growth and bring greater success
  • Numerology is also beneficial in personal branding