Vastu for Your Apartment

Vastu for Your Apartment

The flat owner and his family are affected by the space stretching inwards from the apartment’s main door.

Vastu doshas in apartments creep in because of inappropriate design of the main door; wrong cuts in the structure; wrong position of the bathroom & WC, etc. People living in the house can also suffer because of inappropriate placement of objects such as the cash box, jewellery kit, medicine box, etc.

Vastu balancing in apartments is crucial for maintaining good health, achieving financial success, and ensuring cordial relationships among the family members.

Master Planning for Mega Residential Projects

Panditji has brought immense success to real estate developers through his expert advisory. He has consulted successfully for huge plotting schemes, mega townships, and exclusive bungalow projects.

Why Engage Panditji?

Panditji’s deep study of the project and his in-depth planning helps builders/developers in many ways:

Vastu For Your Hospital

Reduce Death ratio; Improve Recovery Rate; Enhance the Trust and Confidence of Patients

  • The primary objective of your hospital is to minimize the death ratio while ensuring rapid recovery and wellness of patients.
  • The main design concern for hospitals is the south direction, which is the direction of death. If there are openings in the south side of the hospital building, the death ratio will definitely be higher.
  • Other aspects when planning a hospital project as per Vastushastra include: entrance, lobby, waiting area, reception counter, accounts & billing, cash counter, pharmacy, storeroom, sonography & radiology, operation theater, main doctor’s cabin, visiting doctors’ cabins, OPD, ladies’ ward, gents’ ward, pediatric ward, ICU, cold storage, canteen, UG tank, septic tank, open space, landscaping, parking, and main gate.
  • When the hospital is designed and built as per Vastu concepts, it will gain the goodwill of patients as a trusted healthcare center.
  • Panditji has done impressive work for the healthcare industry. He has delivered the master plan for several polyclinics, wellness retreats, and multispecialty hospitals, helping them achieve their goals in a short time span.