Spiritual Services

Spiritual Services

Shanti for Success and Progress
Perform Rituals the Right Way by Engaging Our Vedic Experts

The purpose of a shanti or puja is to invoke divine powers to remove evils and misfortunes, thus paving the way for progress.

We all seek greater success in life.  

Whether it is career growth, business opportunities, matrimonial alliances, property disputes, or court matters, we want to be a winner in every situation.

However, due to the doshas in our horoscope, our efforts often do not bear fruit. To neutralize these doshas and achieve desired outcomes, it is recommended to perform a specific puja or shanti.

After understanding your challenges, followed by in-depth analysis of your horoscope, Panditji suggests the right shanti for your success.

Performing Puja The Proper Way

  • The purpose of a shanti or puja is to invoke divine powers to remove evils and misfortunes, thus paving the way for progress.
  • When performing any shanti, it is crucial to follow the correct protocol as laid down in the scriptures. However, most people are unaware of the inefficiencies that crop up when performing rituals.
  • The lack of sound Vedic knowledge and a pure commercial outlook has turned spiritual services it into a profit-making activity.
  • On the contrary, Panditji adopts a holistic approach to delivering spiritual services. To get maximum benefits from the shanti or puja, it is necessary to create the right environment and conduct the spiritual process strictly as per protocol.

Key Highlights

  • 3,000 SQF dedicated space for performing rituals. Conveniently located in central Pune, this space is designed as per Vastu principles and hence it yields best results and maximizes benefits to the yajmana (client).
  • Team of qualified priests trained at the Ved Pathshala, Pune.
  • Placement of the homa-kunda in the South-East corner for creating a favourable spiritual environment.
  • Appropriate placement of the water tank as per Vastu guidelines.
  • Adequate and comfortable seating arrangement
  • Free snacks, lunch, and tea coffee for customers/guests

It is important to know why a shanti or puja is to be performed. Our priests assist you in understanding the importance of performing the particular shanti or puja. They ensure your complete dedication in the process, helping you gain maximum value from the ritual.

Doorstep Services

Certain rituals such as Vastu Shanti or Navchandi Yaag must be performed at the customer’s home or office. We also provide home service through our proficient priests, who visit your place, make the pre-ritual set up, and perform the requisite shanti or puja to your utmost satisfaction.