Compass Box

IMG_3259 Educatioal excellence and concentration


A Compass Box is badly needed everyday in student’s life. It remains always with them. Due to the mantras taken from the Puranas and the Yantras created by Panditji the children are blessed with politeness, sharp intelligence and studiousness and then became successful.

विद्यार्थीदशेत कंपासबॉक्स हा महत्वपुर्ण घटक आहे. कंपासबॉक्स मुलांबरोबर सतत असतो. पंडितजींनी तयार केलेल्या यंत्रामुळे व पुराणातील घेतलेल्या मंत्रप्रभावाने मुलामध्ये नम्रता,तीव्र बुद्धी येते व अभ्यासु वृत्तीमुळे यश येते.
Vastu remedies for your house. Remove all vastu defects without any demolition. Products are created with 21years of experience and according to the Gayatri Mantra.
  • All products are hand made
  • Patent Applied
  • Copyright of govt India
  • Created with 21 years of experience

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