Vastu Consulting For Small Businesses, Industries

This is most favorite area for vastu consulting and panditji has a great expertise in this due to understanding of core operations and having worked in this field for a long he is a well recognized vastu consultant for industries and small businesses. In industrial vastu consulting it requires a great eye, understanding about the basic operations of any industry. There is no simple vastu consulting for the industry, it involves operational processes also to achieve the results. There are many common problems industries are facing like worker problem, labor union problem, a machine problem, inventory problems, safety problems, management problems, profitability, productions, customer etc.

He often says,

“Vastushastra in industry is nothing but understanding the difference between Machine & Human”

Panditji follows the following process for any type of industrial vastu consulting



Problem Identification

In every industry, there are some visible problems and some are hidden. Sometimes these problems are due to the internal environment like people, process and physical evidence. At this stage the actual problem is identified and assessed for the causing parameters.

E.g there could be a bad inventory management structure on the shop floor and due to which there may be a problem to manage those inventories. Some of the basic problems are

  • Production problems
  • Attrition problems
  • Labor union problems
  • Sales conversion problems
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory management
  • Production process problems
  • Waste management problems

Once the exact nature of the problem is identified, then it is used against the environmental factors, both internally and externally and then some of the parameters are identified.



In the assessment stage most of the problems are evaluated against the parameters and they are assessed for the exact cause. This assessment includes the understanding the whole technical processes involve in the line of business. Production capacity and machinery nature the skill level of resources, suppliers, vendors types and relationships are also taken into consideration. This whole assessment exercise is done for the understanding the exact loopholes into the system. Panditji has worked more than 100+ different types of industries and knows the processes involved in this business very well. Sometimes, he uses the cross knowledge to implement some of the working changes to the current industry. This has helped many industries to improve their profitability, production, employee motivation.

Process identification

All business process is taken into consideration for the overall vastu consulting in this some of the basic process taken into considerations is,

Production process

Hiring process

Waste management process

Sales process

Marketing process


All these processes are interlinked with each other and have a direct effect on the overall business profitability. Once the assessed parameters are checked and then evaluated against the different processes, then it gives the exact causes if the problems in the business. It comes to know about some of the basic parameters in terms of vastu and business.



Once all the causing parameters are identified, then accordingly remedies are calculated. They may involve process modification, directional changes, changes in sitting positions, changing the vastu structure of the floor. All these changes are implemented one by one and then evaluated against the results. The whole implementation process goes around 5-6 months long, depending on the nature of the problems.



After successfully implementing the change according to process and vastu Shastra, the overall result is checked against the expectations. These results are checked for their effect. If the results are as planned, then the next set of remedies are implemented else the current remedies are modified and then checked for their result. It goes till the desired result is achieved. Hence, Panditji assures the 100% guarantee for the problems and makes sure that you achieve the success.

The following components are taken into consideration for the result analysis

  • Workstation
  • Management sitting positions
  • Wastage ares
  • Machinery positions
  • Canteens
  • Raw material storage
  • Underground tanks
  • Land structure
  • Soil quality
  • Stores
  • Color etc.

Also following are the some departments those are taken into consideration while consulting for industry


  • Sales
  • Account
  • Marketing
  • Admin
  • HR
  • Reception
  • Production
  • Supply chain
  • Management
  • R& D


There are three major types of industry stages where the vastu consulting is used,

  • Before Setting Up
  • Running Industries
  • Sick Industries


Before Setting Up

This is the very best stage and easy to implement as you will be considering all the basic points while setting up all your operations in this stage this is a highly cost effective scenario as there would not be any demolition or restricting required. In this type of the consulting it starts even before the choosing the land. Some of the basic things checked before setting up the industry at particular locations are

  • Land quality of the location
  • Plot structure
  • Environmental Analysis like Mountain, river, land structure etc.
  • Load balancing of the area
  • Directional Analysis
  • Nearby Industries
  • Product or services

Running Industries

While running the industries there are lots of industry related problems are there like production, human, labor, management, output, quality etc. In this stage it becomes a pretty difficult understand the exact cause of the problems. Due to which there are lots of experiments are done to know the causes of the problem. The ideal situation is to understand the problems first in the running industry, most common problems are profitability and resources oriented so it becomes very obvious to understand the production process and human skillet used in the industry.  After some initial remedies the results are checked and process mapped accordingly to achieve greater output.

Sick Industries


This is a favorite area of Panditji’s consulting as it uses a great extent of the knowledge and also the challenging role. In sick industries, there could be lots problems which cause this industry to become sick. The most common causes are production and sales oriented, sometimes they are legal, political or union problems too. In sick industries remedies like changing the layout of vastu, floor plan restricting or changing the locations is advised.


If you are running a small business or factory and looking for a vastu consulting for small business or industry, then call us to correct your vastu problem.