Vastu Shastra For Offices

An office plays an important role in any business. With a proper vastu one can have a very modern and happy workplace. Even the office plays an important role to give the status to the business. We have helped many companies to enhance their overall vastu presence, according to an ancient vastushastra with a modern technical understanding. We have helped IT companies, Agencies, Pharma companies, Banks, Institutes for their offices. We help them to identify the key areas of their businesses with a proper understanding of the nature of the business. We help to identify the shape of an office, sitting positions and directions of the directors, staff sitting according to roles like marketing, finance, technology, sales etc.

Vastu Shastra For Factory

Pandit shivkumar is an engineer by profession. Due to both technical and vastu knowledge he has helped many big companies in different phases. He is a well known the industrial vastu consultant from India who helped many companies with his expert knowledge in industrial vastu.

  • While setting up factories
  • Difficulty in output, production or operation.

A factory environment and vastu plays a vital role in overall production, operation and employee motivation. A proper use of space and ensuring the right place for the right activity is very important. We have transformed many factories in the past which resulted in tremendous growth in production and overall sales. Panditji is awarded with many awards for being an industrial vastu consultant.  We take care various factors, including the nature of business, activity and vastu while working on the project. Our studies show that with these small vastu remedies you can increase your production up to 30%.

Vastu For Banks, Institution, Hotels etc.

We have helped many other business organisations like hotels, banks, distributors, agriculture business, clinics and many more. Our unique approach to vastushastra makes a huge difference in the overall activity of the business. We never suggest any demolition with our unique research, we have created various products which you can use in your office also to get the results.