All You Want To Know About Vastu Consulting For House Or Bungalow

The bungalow has its own great advantage of earth element as it is situated on it directly and enjoys the every benefit of it, hence Vastu consulting for house or bungalow becomes a comparatively easy. There are some basic things in every house like bedroom, kitchen, hall, water tank, etc. It starts before actually building the house, very basic things start from the selection of the plot itself.

Selection Of the Plot

The plot on which the house will be built is the primary factor to consider in vastu sahstra. There are some basic rules which panditji recommends with his own findings.

  • The soil testing should be done for its composition and check for its moisture and other metal elements
  • The shape of the plot should have the 90 degree corners; this is ideal shape for any house.
  • Check the surroundings and look for primarily rivers, mountains position. It is advised to have the mountains or higher slope at south west region and river, lake on north east.

You can check the quality of the land by small experience also which panditji recommends to everyone to try while buying the land. Dig on 2×2 pit in the soil and fill it with the water completely and wait for the 20 min. If the water stays as it is then it is the best land to buy if it stays below 50% then you should not buy this land.


While building the house, you can have the architecture according to the directions and enjoy the benefits of the best directions. Main advantages of the bungalows are

  • You can have water tank which gives you prosperity if it is at north east direction
  • You can create the level difference in the bunglow to enjoy the benefits by creating level difference for bedrooms and study rooms
  • You can create a big entrance for the hall and also can have one supplementary for the kitchen.
  • Loadbalancing is also an important factor in vastushastra which you can achieve easily

If you are looking for best vastu consulting for your house or bungalow then you can contact our office for the appointment. Panditji is a best vastu consultant for house or bungalow in India. Many have experienced the significant change in their lives. Call us today to know more about vastu consulting for house.