Vastu Consultant In Pune

Panditji brings a great technical expertise with him along with the ancient vastu Shastra. Born in the family where ancient knowledge about the Vedas and Sanskrit was a daily practice. He grew up with the passion to explore more about our ancient vastushastra and understand the science behind it. The journey of exploration of these things led him to believe that there are more hidden laws, rules and methods are there which can change the lives tremendously and can make the difference in overall human kind. He is well recognized vastu consultant in Pune.

He is a strong believer of the Vedas has every solution to the problem ever existed or known to humans. He holds and engineering degree and exploring the vastushatra for almost 21 years. He has been awarded with many national and internal awards. He is still continuing his research in many areas related to vastushastra by the help of ancient theories with modern science. With his experience, he has developed vastu products which are a combination of “Yantra”,”Mantra” & “Murti”. He believes that any normal human being can know basic vastu Shastra and use these products without doing anything and transform the lives.

With overall 21 years he consulted many more individuals, institutions & organizations. He broadly classifies his overall consulting area into four types,

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial
  3. Social
  4. Industrial

We have our offices I Mumbai and Pune. If you are looking for vastu consulting to revamp your vastu then we can help you. An award winner vastu consultant from Pune Mr. Pandit Shivkumarshri will help you with every vastu problems. Experience best vastu consulting in Pune with Panditji, call us for an appointment.