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To fulfil all wishes


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If we see that a human heart has a lot of wishes which have to be fulfilled as for e.g. marriage, business, job sickness, house, estate etc. as such many wishes to come true for which Panditji has spent 21 years of efforts and experience in this Icchapurti Kupi and it is specially designed it according to the yantra , mantra and Vastushastra.

And we hope that because of that energetic field, all human beings will get holy blessings.

gd© B©ÀN>m nwU© hmoʶmgmR>r ‘Zwî¶mÀ¶m OrdZmV Aem ~è¶mM B©ÀN>m AgVmV H$s Á¶m doirM nwU© hmoUo JaOoMo AgVo. Aem AZoH$ B©ÀN>m CXm. b½Z, ì¶dgm¶, ZmoH$ar, AmOmanU, Ka, g§nËVr dJ¡ao Aem AZoH$ B©ÀN>m H$s Á¶m nwU© hmoʶmgmR>r n§S>rVOtÀ¶m 21 dfm©À¶m AWH$ n[al‘mVyZ Am{U AZw^dmVyZ B©ÀN>mnyVu Hw$nr hr ¶§Ì, ‘§Ì Am{U dmñVwemñÌmZwgma ~Z{dbr Amho. Á¶mÀ¶m COm©MH«$mÀ¶m à^mdm‘wio ‘Zwî¶mÀ¶m gd© B©ÀN>m§Zm B©ídamMm Am{edm©X {‘iwZ ˶m nwU© hmodmoV.
Vastu remedies for your house. Remove all vastu defects without any demolition. Products are created with 27 years of experience and according to the Gayatri Mantra.
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  • Created with 21 years of experience