Balaji Idol (3)
To invite wealth and prosperety

Balaji Idol Frame

{d 춧H$Q>oem¶ (~mbmOr‘wVu)


When you open the entrance door of your house, you will get the joy of worshipping God Tirupati Balaji and then automatically Goddess Laxmi who is the Goddess of Wealth and Money automatically came in our house. Yantra is given below the frame which creats energetic field in front of our Main Living room.

KamMo ‘w»¶ àdoeÛma CKS>VmM {Vê$nVr ~mbmOr gma»¶m Eoíd¶© g§nÝZ XodmMr ‘wVu Agë¶mZo gmjmV ‘mVm lr ‘hmbú‘r {Xì¶e³Vtgh Amnë¶m KamV {damO‘mZ hmoVo. ‘wVuÀ¶m Imbrb ¶§Ì XadmOmg‘moa Zoh‘r Agë¶m‘wio g‘¥ÜXr Am{U COm© g§nÝZVm Zoh‘r amhrb.
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