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To increase an intelligence




Considering both scientific and spiritual sides gold, silver, copper are the best conductors of energy. This was the reason why Indian culture propagate not only Kalas- top of temple, but also ornaments as well as the idols of God to be made up of them with this concepts in mind Panditji has used 99.99% pure copper in products made as per the Vastushashtra.

Tamrak is created with reference to the Vastushashtra. Tamrawari, Tamrajalam, and Tamratoyam are used to keep the energy well balanced. Drinking the water from the pot with Yantra kept in the North-East corner of the structure, shall keep the body charged with the energy that increases the power of the soul.

Thus new context is added Vastushastra by creating the products like idols of God, toranas (door hangings) and other Vastu Products in the Tamrak. This will definitely enrich the Indian Culture.

Tamratoyam (For sharp memory) Panditji has proved by research that the energy of the Yantra is being spread in the water.

After drinking this water only after a few minutes a circle of positive spiritual energy is formed behind our head. For children to get sharp intellect together with politeness this tamratoyam is created.

Tamrak (Tamrajalam) Copper charged water to fight the illness In order to overcome the incurable illness in the body and to get rid of the uncontrollable sickness this pot and Mantras has been created. One gets rid of the sickness due to the increased strength in the body as a result of drinking this water. The water in this pot should be drunk before sleeping at night and it should be refill again.

Tamrawari (For keeping good health and for drinking everyday) The six chakras in the body get good energy from the water drunk at night and the mental as well as physical deficiency are removed. Considering this Tamrawari is created which helps to increase the strength of the body.

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