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Nine energy flow for total growth

Nine Energy Chakra

J© ZdmoOm (ZD$ ¶§Ì à{V‘m)


Every residence has multiple energies inside. We have doors, windows, open passages as a source of these energies. These energies contains good and bad energy. Depending upon the composition those can affect on daily lives of individuals residing in it. This nine energy chakra consists of nine strong and powerful energy yantras which maintains the positive flow and prevent any bad energy from entering the house. The combined effect of this yantras are very powerful and this has been tested with aura analysis.

This yantra also helps to prevent any vastu defect present in the house. This enhances the power of all the directions and maintains the powerful energy environment in the house.

dmñVw‘ܶo ‘w»¶ hm°b hm Iwn ‘hÎdnwU© A§J Amho. H$maU OmñVrV OmñV KamVrb 춳VtMm qH$dm nmhþʶm§Mm dmna hm°b‘ܶo AgVmo. dmñVwVrb hm°b hm à‘wI Agë¶m‘wio KamVrb gd© ê$‘‘ܶo ngaUmar EZOu àW‘V: hm°b‘ܶo àdoe H$aVo. ho bjmV KoD$Z hm°b‘Yrb COm©e³VrMm à^md OmñVrV OmñV ìhmdm Am{U ¶m‘ܶo doJdoJù¶m CO©oMo EH${ÌH$aU ìhmdo hm {dMma H$ê$Z ZD$ doJdoJù¶m à^mdr ¶§ÌmMr {Z{‘©Vr H$ê$Z ˶m§Zm EH$mM ’«o$‘‘ܶo bmdbo Amho. Aer ’«o$‘ ‘w»¶ hm°b‘ܶo B©emݶ qH$dm dm¶ì¶ H$monè¶mV bmdmdr.
Vastu remedies for your house. Remove all vastu defects without any demolition. Products are created with 27 years of experience and according to the Gayatri Mantra.
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