money-box Tremendous growth in wealth

Cash Box

ʶ§ AW©noQ>rH$m


In human life, money and wealth hold a very important position. One, who has a lot of money and wealth, definitely enjoys a very happy life. Everybody desires to own huge amount of money. But generally all the life flies away in a struggle to earn money only. Taking reference from Shastras, Puranas and Vastushastra Panditji has created a cash-box / money-box using all Yantras, mantras, numerology and Vastushastra. In this box money keeps on increasing. An idol of various mantras and Yantras like money-multipliers, storage collection of money, money-gain etc. has been installed in that box. When this box containing money is kept in the cupboard of money, many energy circles which are giving money start immerging continuously from that.

‘Zwî¶mÀ¶m OrdZmV n¡gm d g§nÎmrMo ‘hÎdnwU© ñWmZ Amho. Á¶mÀ¶mH$S>o ~è¶mn¡H$s g§nÎmr AgVo. Vmo Z³H$sM gwIr OrdZ OJV AgVmo. nwîH$i à‘mUmV g§nÎmr n¡gm AS>H$m Agmdm Aer à˶oH$ ‘mUgmMr B©ÀN>m AgVo. VarnU gJio Am¶wî¶ ¶mÀ¶m g§Kfm©gmR>rM OmVo. emó, nwamU, dmñVwemómMm AmYma KoD$Z n§S>rVOtZr ¶§Ì, ‘§Ì, A§H$emó d dmñVwemó ¶m gJù¶m§Mm dmna H$ê$Z AW©noQ>rH$m (n¡emMr noQ>r) Mr {Z{‘©Vr Ho$br H$s, Á¶m‘ܶo n¡emMr ^a^amQ> hmoD$Z, YZd¥ÜXr, YZg§M¶, Ðì¶bm^ Aem AZoH$ ‘§ÌmMm Am{U ¶§ÌmÀ¶m à{V‘oMr ñWmnZm Ho$br Amho. hr noQ>r n¡emÀ¶m H$nmQ>mV R>odyZ ˶mV n¡go R>odë¶m‘wio ~è¶mM YZXm¶r COm©MH«$m§Mm {Z‘m©U Zoh‘r hmoV amhVmo.
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