kuber idol (2)
Stability and growth of the wealth

Kuber Idol

Mmo Hw$~oa (Hw$~oa‘w{V© ’«o$‘)


Kuber is known to have and control money and riches in the whole world and heaven, the abode of Gods and Goddess. Kubera’s dwelling is supposed to be in Himalayas and he is facing the South direction. So it is necessary to place him in the North at home. Kubera’s good graces increase a lot when is position is front of the Money cupboard. After studying many puranas, mongoose, three water pots and the protective serpent and considering all such aspects the Kuber’s idol is created. Due to the energy field of the Yantra and mantra placed under the idol the structure experiences plenty of wealth and continuous shower of money.

ñdJ© Am{U {dídmVrb YZg§nÎmrMo ^m§S>ma Á¶m XodVoH$S>o Amho Vo åhUOo Hw$~oa XodVm. Á¶mMo ñWmZ {h‘mb¶mV AgyZ ˶mMo Vm|S> X{jUoH$S>o Amho. ˶m‘wio dmñVw‘ܶo ˶mMr ñWmnZm CÎmaobm H$aUo Oê$arMo Amho. Hw$~oamMo ñWmZ n¡emMr {VOmoarg‘moa Agë¶m‘wio gmjmV Hw$~oamMr H¥$nme³Vr dmT>Vo. AZoH$ nwamUm§Mm Aä¶mg H$ê$Z ‘w§Jwg, VrZ Hw§$^, ajUH$Vm© ZmJ XodVm Am{U Aem AZoH$ A§Jm§Mm {dMma H$ê$ZM à˶oj Hw$~oa ‘wVu gmH$ma Ho$br Amho. ‘w{V© Imbrb ¶§Ì d ‘§ÌÀ¶m COm©MH«$m‘wio d¡^d d YZdfm©d Zoh‘r dmñVwV hmoV ahmVmo.
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