jewelery box small (2)
To protect and increase the wealth

Jewellery Box

¶mo ^yfU (Ádobar ~m°³g)


The jewellery kept in the house keep on growing the wealth, good luck as well as the beauty of the ladies in the house. There should be no shortage in this at any time. So also due to the power of the Yantras in the box, the beauty of the ladies together with their purity increases as a result of the energy source in the Yantra the complete jewellery is under its influence. This box is created with the thought in mind.

KamV R>odbobo Xm{JZo {ó¶m§Mo gm¢X¶©, gm¡^m½¶ Am{U KamMr d¡^dg§nÞVm dmT>{dVmV. ¶m‘ܶo H$YrM H$‘r Agw Z¶o. VgoM ¶mVrb ¶§ÌmÀ¶m à^mdmZo, ¶§ÌmÀ¶m CO}Mm ómoVm‘wio Xm{Jݶm§da ˶mMm à^md nSy>Z {ó¶m§Mo gm¢X¶© nm{dͶm~amo~aM dmT>mdo. hm {dMma H$ê$Z hr noQ>r ~Z{dbr Amho.
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