god-temple To unveil subconcious mind

Wooden Temple-Medium

dB©fmb¶ (nyOmKa)


Just like the heart has vital importance and key position in the human body. Which is the source of existence of human beings, not only that but it also the source of existence of any and every creature on Earth. Similarly it is of immense importance to have a Worship Room /Place in the house. The main reason is that there is recitation of mantras while performing the worship. So also a sacred environment is created always spreading spiritual waves in the house. This in turn keeps the house always full of energy and the resident is always benefitting in all respects.

The origin of the Vedas is the Goddess Gayatri. She is also the source of all roots of powers and strength. The origin of the existence of God is also the Goddess Gayatri. Her worship takes the first place in the total worship and considering this, the consecration of the Gayatri Mantra and Yantra is performed in the worship room mainly with the great study and research.

Á¶mà‘mUo ‘Zwî¶mÀ¶m earamV öX¶mMo EH$ ‘hËd Am{U ñWmZ Amho. Á¶m‘wio ‘Zwî¶mbm ApñVËd àmßV hmoVo. Am{U Á¶m§À¶m{edm¶ H$moU˶mhr àm{U‘mÌmbm ApñVËd àmá hmoV Zmhr. ˶mMà‘mUo Kam‘ܶo gwÜXm XodKa AgUo A{Ve¶ ‘hÎdmMo Amho. H$maU XodmMr nwOm H$aVmZm ‘§ÌmMo nR>U hmoVo. VgoM ˶m‘wio AܶmpË‘H$Vm OmJê$H$ hmoD$Z dmñVwV M¡Vݶ bhatMo ApñVËd Zoh‘r ahmVo. Á¶m‘wio Vr dmñVw Zoh‘r COm©¶w³V ahmVo. H$s Á¶m‘wio ‘Zwî¶àmʶmbm gd©Vmonar bm^ hmoVmo. Oer doXm§Mr ‘wi CËnÎmrMo H$maU Jm¶Ìr Xodr Amho. gd© e³VtMr OZZr Jm¶Ìr Xodr Amho. B©ídamÀ¶m ApñVËdmMo ‘wi Jm¶Ìr Xodr Amho. Aem Jm¶Ìr XodrMr nwOm gd©àW‘ Pmbr nmhrOo. ho bjmV KoD$Z. ¶m Jm¶Ìr XodrMo ‘§Ì d ¶§ÌmMr à{VîR>mnZm XodKamV àm‘w»¶mZo Aä¶mgnwd©H$ Ho$br Amho.
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