Goddess Durga(Kalimata)

Durga Idol (2) To stop and remove negative energy


The head of the south direction is Yamraj the God of death. To stop the illness, fear of death and bad or negative powers from entering through. This door, an idol of Dakshinmukhi (looking towards the south) Kalimata with a deadening face and shape should be fitted outside this door in such a way that it will be easily seen. The Durga Yantra on this with its energy circle shall be always protecting the vastu.

X{jU {XeoMm ñdm‘r ¶‘amO Agë¶m H$maUmZo ¶m XadmÁ¶m‘YwZ AmnÎmr amoJ, ‘¥Ë¶w^¶ Am{U dmB©Q> e{³V§Mm àdoe {Z{fÜX, H$aʶmgmR>r d X{jU‘wIr H$mbr‘mVm, am¡Ð a§J énm‘Yrb XadmOmÀ¶m ~mhoa ÑîQ>r nS>mdr Aem àH$mao àñWm{nV H$amdr. ¶m~amo~a XþJm© ¶§ÌmMr COm©MH«$ Zoh‘r dmñVybm g§ajU XoV amhrb.
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