direction-defect-nullifier To nullifi direction's defect

Direction Defect Nullifier

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By placing the Yantras inside the land of the structure to get their impact and removing Vastu –dosha (fault in the structure) this should be installed inside the land.

dmñVwemóm‘ܶo ‘w»¶ XadmOmbm Iwn ‘hÎd Amho. MwH$sMm à‘wI XadmOm Agë¶mZo Iwn g§H$Q>m§Zm Am{U AS>MUtZm Vm|S> X¶mdo bmJVo. ¶m‘ܶo nwd© Am½Zo¶, X{jU Am½Zo¶, X{jU Z¡F$˶,npíM‘ dm¶ì¶ ho Xmof¶w³V XadmOo AmhoV. H$s Á¶m‘wio dmB©Q> e³VtÀ¶m CO©oMm à^md Kam‘ܶo AgVmo. Aem dmB©Q> CO©oMo Zme H$aʶmgmR>r KamÀ¶m XadmOmÀ¶m AmV M§mJë¶m COm©ómoVmMo nQ>b V¶ma hmoVo. Aer ¶§Ì¶w³V ’«o$‘ KamÀ¶m‘w»¶ XadmOmÀ¶m ‘mJoMm¡H$Q>rda bmdmdr.
Vastu remedies for your house. Remove all vastu defects without any demolition. Products are created with 27 years of experience and according to the Gayatri Mantra.
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