car ganesh idol (4)
For protection and avoid accidents

Car Ganesh Idol


This ganesh idol is exclusively made for the car. You can keep this special idol inside your car it looks like a normal car idol but it comes with a very strong MahaMrutunjayYantra. This Yantra is at the back side of the idol and facing towards front so it creates the strong shield and prevent any bad energy and protects the the car. It also creates a positive energy spectrum inside the car so that everyone sitting inside the car would be protected with this.

JUm{YnVr JUnVr hm Xodm§Mm Xod Amho. ˶m§Mo Xe©Z KoD$ZM ‘JM KamV àdoe Pmbm nmhrOo hr ^maVr¶ g§ñH¥$Vr Amho. ho bjmV KoD$ZM F$½doXmVrb dU©Zmà‘mao a³VdUu {ÌUoÌ JUnVr {Xì¶e³Vr {‘iʶmgmR>r Kam~mhoa ‘w»¶ XadmOmÀ¶m Mm¡H$Q>rda ˶mMr à{VîR>mnZm H$amdr. ˶m~amo~a ‘mWmnQ²>Q>rdarb ew^{MÝho ‘§Ì d XmoZ à^mdr ¶§ÌmÀ¶m COm©ómoVm‘wio ‘w»¶ XadmOmÀ¶m g‘moa Zoh‘r g‘¥ÜXr Zm§XVo
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