business pen stand

Businessman’s Pen Stand


The main purpose of professionals is to earn money with name and fame and also the peace of mind is of prime importance for them. In the world as well as in the heaven the God and goddess of wealth is Laxmi and Kuber. We worship only once at the time of diwali. The god of wealth is one whom we forget all the remaining year unfortunately.

In such a situation a thought came as to how earn maximum money. To easily touch his feet and take his darshana, these pen stands should be kept on the table at the work place. Just a look at the Mantra written on it, keeps us thinking about it and the energy field between these two keep the vastu pure and holy as well as the business and wealth increases. All those who come in contact with this energy field, automatically improve their thinking also.

Vastu remedies for your house. Remove all vastu defects without any demolition. Products are created with 27 years of experience and according to the Gayatri Mantra.
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